sneaker cleaning services

1 of 1 Custom & Project work

Create your own custom/ Project 

The first thing we need when creating you a 1 of 1 custom is a design idea and the type of shoe and in the size you want your design to go on. Don't worry if you don't have anything specific in mind, we can help you create some designs and provide you with the mock up of that design. You can then make any changes required.

Once you are happy with your design, you will be a sent an invoice for payment before any work on your custom sneaker commences.

Prices will vary depending on the base shoe used and the design/ level of detail, all prices will include the base shoe. 

Already have a sneaker or accessory that you want to customise? The above will still apply and you will be sent an invoice for the customisation fee. If you are posting shoes to us, the return postage is included in the fee.

We can also collaborate on projects for either businesses or personal.

We also offer a drop off/ pick up service you will need to arrange an appointment for.

When you are ready, you can contact us via our socials, email or by WhatsApp or click the contact us button and send us your ideas and/ or provide images and we will get back to you.

*This is a customisation service and we are not directly affiliated with the brands that are used*



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